About Us

Flooring Retail 911 was formed by a group of flooring store owners, industry executives and liquidation experts to provide Cooperatives, OEM suppliers and most importantly, Floor Covering store owners, with the tools necessary for them to thrive in today’s complicated “Big Box” store environment.


At Flooring Retail 911, our business strategy is actually very simple.  We believe in listening to our customer/client and partnering with them to best achieve their objectives.  To accomplish this, we actually talk with our customer/client and determine what their specific individual needs and goals are before doing anything.  Once this has been done, we will then evaluate and talk about how we will try our best to help them achieve their objectives and what our best course of action should be.  


Being from the Midwest, we have an understanding of value and a tradition of the best customer service that we can possibly provide.  At Retail Flooring 911, our team is “hands on” and enjoys rolling up their sleeves and getting to work.  We strive to provide our customers/clients with the best possible methods to realize the most value for their inventory, store, customer lists and real estate. Our experienced personnel work with the customer/client through each and every step to make any transition as seamless and painless as possible.